In the world of voiceover, experience counts and Lisa Rice has plenty of it!

Disc jockey at the age of eighteen. Writer/Producer/Reporter for both radio and television. On-camera talent, print model, sales and marketing representative and motivational speaker.

Her one-to-one broadcast radio and television interviews have extended from the White House and Capitol Hill to Nashville. However, through it all voiceover has been the mainstay of her career.

In addition to providing voiceover for a wide range of business and corporate levels, Lisa has also voiced projects for ministries and non-profits.

She’s an accredited member of World Voices Organization, member number 10099.

What can the natural, convincing voice of Lisa Rice do for you?

+In her own words…

“From the time I received my first tape recorder as a child, I’ve been fascinated with the magic of voice. With just a few different inflections, pitches and energy levels a word or phrase goes from lackluster to splendid.

As a little girl, I’d put together audio productions with my sisters and neighborhood friends. I had no idea that the audio skits and on-the-spot interviews I conducted were laying the groundwork for a future career.

Ever since I graduated from college with a degree in Communications my work has included some type of audio or video production. Today, things have come full circle…my love for voiceover brings words and ideas to life. Only this time, I use broadcast-quality production tools and the audience reaches far beyond my little corner of the world. Thanks for taking time to listen.”