Reboot. Refresh. Start Over.

Lisa Rice wrote this.

“You’re kidding me.”
No, these aren’t part of a script I’ve recently voiced. They’re words of frustration expressed in my studio when I couldn’t get my computer to cooperate. Of course, these situations always seem to arise when we’re under a deadline or hurrying to move onto the rest of our “To Do” list. So what should we do when facing such problems? Most computer technicians advise us to re-boot and start over. Why?

  • For a variety of reasons programs generate fatal errors. When this happens, they may close out on their own or hang. Rebooting frees up resources that might have been lost allowing programs to function normally.
  • Computers have a finite amount of resources. When they run out, they slow down until finally halting altogether. Rebooting refreshes those resources allowing them to work once more at optimal speed.
  • Rebooting tells a computer to perform a series of diagnostic checks which often fixes problems automatically.

When facing frustrations in life we’re often given the same advice. There’s something about taking a break and coming back to a problem with fresh eyes that diminishes its severity. The situation might not disappear but walking away from it for a short time can help us attack it with more energy and a new perspective.

Shaun Rosenburg has outlined this perfectly in his article 6 Powerful Reasons To Take A Break.

Facing a problem today? Reboot. Refresh. Start over.

1 Comments for Reboot. Refresh. Start Over.

  1. Kurt Feldner Says:

    So true! It’s almost like returning to the same scene and snapping a new picture of the same subject, but with a different lense or different settings on the camera.

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