On-Going Education

Lisa Rice wrote this.

Every job has its perks. Mine? Delving into topics I wouldn’t normally pursue. In order to sound credible as an e-learning or narrative voice, I have to wrap my head around what I’m teaching or conveying. That means truly studying it beforehand.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned the ins-and-outs of carpet manufacturing, animal health, life insurance policies and ophthalmology to name a few. Another subject that opened my eyes was a documentary I voiced for the Asian American Advertising Federation. In it, camera crews interviewed families on both the East and West Coasts from the top five Asian ethnicities in the U.S.: Chinese Americans, Indian Americans, Korean Americans, Filipino Americans and Vietnamese Americans. It’s an inside look into their purchasing patterns, lifestyle, cultural identity, values, aspirations, consumption behaviors, media consumption and media perceptions.

I enjoyed collaborating with everyone involved. I also gained new insight to our ever-changing population and the people with whom I collaborate with and meet.

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