Voices of Christmas

Lisa Rice wrote this.

It’s that time of year again.


When I was a child, DVDs and 24/7 cable access didn’t exist. This meant particular television shows came around only once a year. At Christmas time, my sisters and I would huddle around a wood-grain Magnavox television console in our footie pajamas sipping hot cocoa and wait for the “TV Specials” to begin.

We empathized with Charlie Brown and his pitiful Christmas tree. We cheered Rudolph on as he returned from the Island of Misfit Toys. And we anxiously waited for the Grinch to change his ways.

Which got me wondering. Who were all the voices behind these beloved characters? Recently, an article in my local newspaper had the answers. My guess was right with a few of them but several surprised me. So, what do Tony the Tiger and the Grinch have in common? Learn more here.

Below are a few of my favorite Christmas TV Special scenes. What are yours?

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