Happy New Year; Happy New You!

Lisa Rice wrote this.

In our home, a set of wooden alphabet blocks sits perched on the mantle high above our fireplace. They announce each season, holiday or special occasion. Every New Year’s Day, we pack up the Christmas decorations and move things back to their normal place. I asked my daughter to arrange the blocks this month and to my surprise she positioned them to say, “Happy New You.”

The more I think about it the more I like it. Those three words represent the premise of every resolution made this time of year. We determine to change what hasn’t worked over the last twelve months to what we hope will. We consider modifying actions, habits and thoughts to yield a happier life. We keep the good, discard the useless and consider adopting a new strategy.

What will you keep, discard or adopt?
Work more or use your time wisely?
Start a new diet or eat smarter?
Begin another exercise routine or find creative ways to introduce movement throughout your day?
Change one area of your life or strive for balance as a whole?
Continue advertising the traditional way or use message-on-hold and website video?
Stick with familiar equipment/programs or stretch your technical muscles?

Every day we make decisions. We face choices big and small that make up our personal and business life cumulatively. We can keep, discard or adopt.

My plan involves re-examining every physical, mental and spiritual habit I own.
Did it work last year?
Will it work this year?
Is there something better?

Keep, discard or adopt.
Here’s to a Happy New Year and even happier new you!

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