Lisa Rice wrote this.

Work from Home.

It’s become the new normal as government responds to COVID-19. For most freelancers, things haven’t changed much. I’ve always appreciated the ability to work with clients worldwide via ISDN, ipDTL, SourceConnect, and phone patch from my broadcast quality studio but as an extrovert, I’ve also wished I could meet them in person. Today, recording virtually is a must.

In the past few weeks, I’ve reminded viewers that their financial institution is continuing to offer online banking and extended drive-through hours.

My voice has assured those needing plumbing, heating & air conditioning, air quality & electrical service that extra precautions are being taken to be safe and sanitary.

Television promos for online shopping have been voiced because some people want more than the essentials.

Phone callers have been greeted with an announcement that checks will still be mailed, insurance claims can continue to be filed and business may not be operating as usual but is adjusting.

I’ve instructed countless employees via e-learning how they can continue doing their job.

Is there something I can voice to assure, inform, instruct or explain so that viewers, listeners or callers know that your business or one you create for is moving forward and still meeting needs?

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