Grateful, Thankful, Appreciative, Awed

Lisa Rice wrote this.

When it comes to blessings, I’m reminded how important it is to count them. One-by-one. Day-by-day. Continuously throughout my life. And in doing so, surprising myself to see all that God has and is doing in both my professional and personal life.

  • The opportunity to record and send clean voiceover files to customers near and far. Collaborating with them on commercial spots, telephony, narrations and e-learning projects in Virginia, California, North Carolina, Indiana, Arkansas, Nevada, Michigan, New York, Georgia, Florida, Minnesota, Canada, Ireland Poland, England, Dubai…the list goes on.
  • A voice. Without it, my career comes to a screeching halt.
  • Family, friends and voiceover peers who encourage, challenge, and support.

And now, for what are you thankful?

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