Chipping Away the Day

Lisa Rice wrote this.

Have you ever looked at your upcoming day and wondered how you’ll get it all done? Our schedules can be so stuffed with commitments and chores that it’s a reasonable question. I’ve found this happens often in freelance work. We begin our day with one job in the wings and before we know it two or three more need to be worked on. One might be from previous auditions sent out, another revisions from already recorded projects and still another for new work never anticipated.

Several years ago, I read a book that mentioned doing worst things first. In other words, instead of doing what we enjoy first we should tackle what we don’t enjoy up front. That way we’ll have something to look forward to the rest of the day. This works fine until the tyranny of the urgent rears its head. When it does, we’re off to battle what has to be done whether we like it or not. Either way, it’s a great way to start chipping away at the giant bolder in front of us.

When I came across the videos below I was disappointed in myself. How dare I complain about all I have to do! Why would I ever allow fear to prevent me from learning something new or move out of my comfort zone?

How do you get through your day? Better yet, what’s standing in your way?

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