What Was I Thinking?

Lisa Rice wrote this.

Do you ever think back to something you did as a teen and just shake your head? One of those for me was my insatiable desire to be tan. As if lying on my beach towel under intense sun wasn’t enough, I made sure my time wasn’t wasted by slathering on baby oil so the bronze would last until autumn.

What was I thinking?!

Today, I’m headed in the other direction. Thankfully, my voiceover booth provides plenty of relief and more information is available on how to take safety measures. Still, in the past few years I’ve had several pre-cancerous moles removed and have lost two friends to malignant melanoma. Bethany Gambardella-Greenway, a young mom with melanoma, documented her story in a series of photos here. She warns others to be vigilant about not sunbathing or visiting tanning salons. I now visit my dermatologist for full body checkups yearly. There’s also an app that can help between visits called Skinvision.

This time of year, it’s fun to be in the sun. The Ultraviolet – UV app tells you how high the risk of damage from sun exposure in your area is. It offers a simple explanation of what the day’s particular UV level means for you.

So, how do you plan to stay skin-safe this summer?

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