Movies that Intrigue

Lisa Rice wrote this.

Movies can make us laugh. Some keep us on the edge of our seats in suspense. Still others make a lasting impact. Touching us to the core. Giving us a glimpse into a world we might not otherwise understand or know.

For me, Radio Flyer provided an inside look at child abuse.
Trade of Innocents opened my eyes to the horrors of human trafficking.
The Stoning of Soraya M. explained the trials women in the Middle East face.
Temple Grandin helped me to better understand autism.
The Pursuit of Happyness gave me greater compassion for the homeless.
The Hiding Place and Schindler’s List taught me about the evils of Nazi Germany.
Luther clarified how the Protestant Reformation was born.
And The Passion of the Christ forever changed the way I look upon the days leading up to Easter. It’s moving, often gruesome scenes, flash through my memory when I hear the words crucifixion, crown of thorns and Savior.

Jim Caviezel endured many struggles and emotions while playing his role. As always, the back story of this film intrigued me. Perhaps it will pique your interest, too.

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