Music - The Quickening Art

Lisa Rice wrote this.

“Music can change the world because it can change people.”
~ Bono

Music…from classical to jazz; gospel to rock, I love it. It accompanies me while I work, challenges me during exercise, lifts my spirit during worship and makes carpooling a little more bearable. And just like Kenny Chesney crooned in I Go Back it has the ability to transport me to another time and place.

There are countless studies that tout the power of music in our lives. This one from NPR explains the role it can play in healthcare and this one from nuMusician shows eighteen ways music affects the brain.

Take a look at the beautiful way it brightens this elderly gentleman’s day!


Lisa Rice wrote this.

Work from Home.

It’s become the new normal as government responds to COVID-19. For most freelancers, things haven’t changed much. I’ve always appreciated the ability to work with clients worldwide via ISDN, ipDTL, SourceConnect, and phone patch from my broadcast quality studio but as an extrovert, I’ve also wished I could meet them in person. Today, recording virtually is a must.

In the past few weeks, I’ve reminded viewers that their financial institution is continuing to offer online banking and extended drive-through hours.

My voice has assured those needing plumbing, heating & air conditioning, air quality & electrical service that extra precautions are being taken to be safe and sanitary.

Television promos for online shopping have been voiced because some people want more than the essentials.

Phone callers have been greeted with an announcement that checks will still be mailed, insurance claims can continue to be filed and business may not be operating as usual but is adjusting.

I’ve instructed countless employees via e-learning how they can continue doing their job.

Is there something I can voice to assure, inform, instruct or explain so that viewers, listeners or callers know that your business or one you create for is moving forward and still meeting needs?

Valentine's Favorites

Lisa Rice wrote this.

“The art of love… is largely the art of persistence.” -Albert Ellis

Looking for a great story to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Below are a few of my favorites. What are some of yours?

A true love story…

Letter in the Wallet

Some flicks…

Wives and Daughters

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

The Count of Monte Cristo

Pride and Prejudice

Far and Away

Becoming Jane

Jane Eyre

The Notebook

And tunes…

Fix You

This Kind of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Magic of You

Lisa Rice wrote this.

In voice over, one of the foremost things every talent can bring to a project is themselves. Literally. We each come fully loaded at birth with an incredible package of uniqueness. Combine our life experiences, personality and individual perspective and one script can be interpreted multiple ways.

If you’re not familiar with biometrics take a moment to learn more here. The movie Minority Report highlights ways this technology might be used with advertisers in the future. See the short snippet below.

But before you go there, treat yourself to the fascinating information from this TED talk. You are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Each of us can rejoice in this fact!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Lisa Rice wrote this.

Between extensive to-do lists and bustling crowds, it’s easy to overlook the unadorned gifts in plain view. The sights, smells, tastes and sounds of Christmas can become muted and bland. Sometimes, I even sense a little humbug moving in.

To prevent it, I’ve decided to carry last month’s holiday into this one. Determined to count blessings regardless of how stressed out I’m tempted to be. In fact, I’ve started a list. Some big things. Some small. Each makes me smile.

  • Twinkling lights galore, expressions of wonder from the little ones in my life and other surprises that pop up unexpectedly.
  • The aroma of goodies baking in my oven, crisp winter air and the woodsy fragrance of a crackling fire.
  • Laughter from family and friends, songs that tug heartstrings and movies reminding me life is all about perspective.

Simple blessings easily ignored. Recognized and appreciated if consciously counted. Will you join me in this endeavor? What are some of yours?

The video below reminds me that “presents” are opened daily and they’re truly significant when compared to what billions of others have worldwide.

Merry Christmas from my heart to yours!

The Greatest Gift

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