Repeating Myself

Lisa Rice wrote this.

It’s a new year. One that’s also unique. It’s the first year since 1987 that doesn’t have a repeating number. Think about it. 1988, 1989, 1990 and so on.

Conversely, I do repeat myself. Often.

Why? Because I voice scripts for a living and every good writer knows that at the very least a client’s name should be mentioned more than once.

I also say the same thing twice in both personal and business conversations. Sometimes I reiterate my point to make sure the listener and I are on the same page or I’ll repeat what they said to me to make sure I understand them completely. Other times I have a sneaky suspicion that the other person listening…isn’t.

Sound familiar?

You’re on the phone with someone but they seem preoccupied. Something about the way they answer makes you think they might also be sifting through emails, surfing the internet, or checking their Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+ account. Maybe that’s why I like FaceTime and Skype. There’s no question if the person is paying attention and they’re usually using the device that so easily distracts them.

Or do you find yourself having a conversation with someone in person but they’re involved in the same actions I just mentioned or even outright conversing with another person via text?

Emily Post to the rescue!

Unfortunately, this hasn’t just become a pet peeve. I’m ashamed to say it’s also my 2013 New Year’s resolution. I’m all about multi-tasking but I think I’ve taken it a bit too far. So, here it goes…

When I’m having a conversation with someone either on the phone or in person, I will strive to put technology in it’s proper place. I will do my best to give that person my undivided attention. Furthermore, I will remind myself to let down my anchor when possible because life’s important moments will continue to pass by whether I’m paying attention or not.

I’ve written it.
Wish me luck.

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