Life Investments

Lisa Rice wrote this.

Have you ever thought about all the people who’ve invested their time and talent into you? Perhaps it was a teacher that went the extra mile making sure you understood a subject so you could move up to the next level. A coach who spurred you on in practice giving you an edge in tough game situations and lessons you implement today. A mentor who not only took time to show you what you were doing right but also constructively pointed out what could be improved upon. Or a relative who in addition to caring for you physically also nurtured you emotionally and spiritually.

My mother is one of those persons for me. The years she invested in me under her immediate care and the memories she continues to make with me are among the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. Her love, attention and example have been a constant my entire life. When I think about it, she has always spelled love T-I-M-E. In fact, the longer I live the more I appreciate her selflessness. It has truly enabled me to flourish both personally and professionally.

The Still Face Experiment, conducted by Dr. Edward Tronick, highlights the critical importance relationships play in one’s social and emotional development. The video below explains how.

Who has invested in you? Greater still, are you doing the same in the life of another?

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